Nine van Weert Costume Designer specialized in Millinery

To the outside world, actor couple Esther and Bastiaan lead a dream life. But there is a side of their lives that few see. Away from the cameras, the depressions, fears and maddening uncertainty Bastiaan suffers from have an increasing impact on him and their relationship. Esther tries with all her might to keep her great love and her family on track, but the illness in Bastiaans head is difficult to fight.

Director Ben Verbong
Producer Sytze Van Der Laan, Monique van Welzen, Denis Wigman, Marijn Wigman
Production Company Nuts&Bolts
Writer Isa Hoes, Ben Verbong
Cinematographer Lex Brand
Editor Stanley Kolk
Casting Anwar Aaziz, Madelief Blanken, Betty Post
Production Design Harry Ammerlaan
Costume Design Manon Blom
Costume Design Assistant Nine van Weert
Make-up and Hair Marjon Hoogendoorn
Sound Department Meghan van der Meer
Camera and Electrical Department Mohamed Alzhouri, Davey Driessen
Editorial Department Yannick Elferink, Nikki Gorissen
Music Michelino Bisceglia, David Kolder
Script and Continuity Department Willemien Slot

Cast Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Noortje Herlaar, Egbert Jan Weeber, Robbert Bleij