Nine van Weert Costume Designer specialized in Millinery

In 'You coming?' we explore the meaning of sensuality, love and lust together with sex worker Lola. A look behind the window, beyond superficial glances and social stigma. What do we see in the reflection? What can we learn from the oldest profession in the world?.

Concept Lieke van der Vegt
Lieke van der Vegt and Lola
Artistic Coaching
Naomi Steijger
End Direction
Anne van der Vegt

Costume and Set Design Nine van Weert
Artistic Contribution
Marthe Koning

Production Carlijn Hartlief
Sound Designer
Mathijs van Til
Light Advice Freek Ros
Technology (Light / decor)
Iwan Kolk
Technology (Allround / showcrew)
 Daan Storteboom
Set Construction
Sjef Mols
Pilot Set Construction
Luc van der Vegt
Audivers (headphones)
Leen Hogenes
Caretaker Show Location
Peter van Til

Marketing Thomas Siemonsma

Poster Photography
Nadia Morsink
Poster Design
Lieke van der Vegt
Video Sjoerd Hofstra

Thanks To Rudi Meulenbroek and VIA ZUID
Experienced Experts Zwolse pleziertje en M. en R.
Content Advisor
Bart Jansen
Zwolse Theaters
 Mirjam Reyneveld and Keimpe de Jong
VAKTOR Yorick Zwart and Maartje de Faria
Zwolse theaters Technology, Administrative and Marketing Departments