Nine van Weert Costume Designer specialized in Millinery

Adam finds a mysterious puzzle in his living room. Since he suffers from insomnia he decides to solve the puzzle.

This puzzle brings him back to his past. To the happy times with his girlfriend Eva. At first sight everything seems perfect. But as he sinks deeper into his thoughts, he comes across repressed memories hiding dark secrets.

Now the picture on the puzzle seems a little too familiar to him. And he finds out that he's probably not so alone after all.

Nils Hanssen
ProducerNils Hanssen, Yorn Heijnen
Production Company Apenzaken
Nils Hanssen
CinematographerCoen Leuven
Ayse Remmler
Ivo Bemelmans
Sound Designer
Jurriaan van Dijck
Joel Weiler
Art Direction Kim Hotterbeekx

Costume Designer Nine van Weert
Make-up and Hair Stylist
Moana Cadau
Location Manager
Yorn Heijnen
Script and Continuity Department
Saskia Loesser, Laurens Zautsen
Sebas Berman, Koen Braaksma, Walther Odekerken, Manouk Pluis, Jacqueline Trip Jacqueline Trip, Seth van der Wijck

Festival selections
Euregion Film Festival 2021, The Netherlands