Nine van Weert Costume Designer specialized in Millinery

Fifteen-year-old Robin and her best friend Merel share everything and are inseparable. Except for Robin's budding sexuality and curiosity. Robin is ashamed of this and keeps it anxiously hidden.

Director Nicole Jachmann
Producer Laura Bouwmeester, Rogier Kramer, Sammy Wisniewski
Production Company Pupkin
Writer Nicole Jachmann
Cinematographer Michel Rosendaal
Editor Tessel Flora de Vries
Art Direction Lonneke Orbons
Costume Designer Nine van Weert
Make-up and Hair Nine van Weert
Sound Department Meghan van der Meer, Linne Beck
Camera and Electrical Department Arjan Seykens, Arjen Seykens
Editorial Department Remi Lindenhovius
Music Laura Bell
Production Manager Yanick Pilgram
Script and Continuity Department Guido Coppis

Cast Claire Porro, Julia Olsthoorn, Jonas Coppus, Jesse Meisters, Mandy Verboeket

Festival selections

72nd Berlin International Film Festival 2022, Germany
Limburg Film Festival 2022 (winner), The Netherlands