Nine van Weert Costume Designer specialized in Millinery

Fish Dance When They Are Not Sleeping (Opera for the Deaf) is a compelling interdisciplinary opera performance based on the interaction between two cultures or worlds: those who use their voice and those who use gestures to communicate and create. It is a poetic, surreal vision of the underwater world of strange fish-like creatures that encounter a group of humanoid travelers from the future. 

Artistic Direction Jerzy Bielski and Thomas Brand
Concept & Composer Jerzy Bielski
Dramaturgy, Video, Visuals & Lighting Design Thomas Brand
Sandra Abouav
Audio Programming, Live Electronic Tatiana Rosa
Costume Design
Nine van Weert
Deaf Dancer Ilse Jobse
Deaf Dancer Dennis Massar
Olga Siemienczuk
Cello Pau Sola Masafrets

Stichting Futurists