Nine van Weert Costume Designer specialized in Millinery

On a holiday, May and Amy decide to go to an illegal rave in a cave in the woods. Once they arrive at the party, they appear to have different expectations for the evening. Amy continues to seek the attention of two French boys and May reluctantly joins in. Will she eventually dare to make her own choices? Friendship is put to the test in this short drama.

Director Catherine Iosifidis
Producer Fleur Knoppers, Dennis Vaslin
Executive Producer Susan Mallee
Scenario Catherine Iosifidis
Camera Katja van den Broeke
Production Design Meret Wellman, Dionne Blokland
Costume Design Nine van Weert
Sound Design Andrew Young
Set Sound Jason Voliotis, Richard Wilder
Edit Jip Walter Boer
Music Hannah Hiemstra
Cast Luisa Hunter, Livia Lamers, Youssef Srondy, Leo Barbara
Production Company Volya Movies

Festivals: Dutch Film Festival 2022
FEST New Directors New Films Festival Festhina Sub16 competition 2022